2 = area, arena, field, front, territory.
Ex. The area in which standards for bibliographic description have had the most impact is in catalogues and catalogue record data bases.
Ex. This shifts the responsibility for headings and their arrangement into the arena of cataloguers and indexers.
Ex. An appreciation of alternative approaches is particularly important in this field where trends towards standardisation are the norm.
Ex. Present auguries on the resource front are not good.
Ex. The report suggests that structural changes within higher education and within the information industry affect the legitimacy, status, and territory of librarians' work.
* campo afín = twin field.
* campo científico = academic field, scientific field.
* campo de acción = purview, scope.
* campo de actividad = area of application.
* campo de actuación = purview, scope, sphere of interest.
* campo de aplicación = field of application, scope, scope of application, field of practice, area of application.
* campo de especialización = area of competence, field of specialisation.
* campo de estudio = field of study.
* campo de interés = sphere of interest.
* campo de investigación = research field.
* campo de la computación = computing field.
* campo del conocimiento = field of knowledge.
* campo de trabajo = field of endeavour.
* campo de visión = breadth of vision, viewing position, field of vision.
* campo electromagnético = electromagnetic field.
* campo magnético = magnetic field.
* campo temático = subject field.
* campo visual = field of vision.
* en el campo de = in the realm of, in the field of.
* generar un campo magnético = generate + magnetic field.
* investigación de campo = intervention research, field research.
* investigador de campo = fieldworker [field worker].
* trabajo de campo = fieldwork [field work].

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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